Music Midi CD - Time & Tide
Ania. Kochanie

Words: Ian Woods
Music: Ian Woods

My ship is ready for the sea
Ania, kochanie
The anchor's weighed, bow and stern lines free
Ania, kochanie
And as I slowly step on board
Let go your hand, leave you on shore
I hope that I'll see you once more
Ania, kocham ciebie.

And as I sail the ocean wide
Renata, kochanie
I feel you standing by my side
Dorota, kochanie
However many thousand miles I sail
I still see your smile
And hope one day that you'll be mine
Teresa, kocham ciebie.

And when at last I reach home shores
Ewa, kochanie
I hope to find you waiting there
Magdalena, kochanie
The seven seas now I have roamed
Deep waters and the crashing foam,
But now at last I've found my home
Sylwia, kocham ciebie.

So, take me in your arms today
As from the ship I step away
And with you now on shore I'll stay
Ania, Renata, Dorota, Teresa, Ewa, Magdalena, Sylwia, ...

"Ania. Kochanie" - This started out as a song for particular young lady. One night we were talking about it and the old line of "a sailor having a girl in every port" came up. For ten minutes or so we played about with the idea and this is the result. I realise that not every name is included, but if you feel left out, I'll try and include yours when I see you!

I. W.

Music Midi CD - Time & Tide