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The Saucy Bold Robber

Words: traditional
Music: traditional

Come all you young fellows that go out a-tippling
I pray give attention and list to my song
I'll tell you of a robber, a saucy bold robber
Stood seven foot high in proportion quite strong.

He robbed a lord he robbed a lady
Five hundred bright guineas from each one of them
And as he was a walking he spied a young sailor
And bold as a lion he stepped up to him.

Saying: "Deliver you money, my jolly young sailor
You've plenty of bulk in your pocket I see".
"Aye, aye" said the sailor, "I have plenty of money,
But while I have life I have none for thee".

"For I've just left my shipping, collected my money
I'm come into England my friends for to see.
I've ninety bright guineas for to make them all merry
So I pray you jolly robber, don't you take them from me.

Well, the saucy bold robber struck the jolly young sailor
Such a blow on the head it brought him to the ground.
"Aye, aye" said the sailor, "You've struck me quite heavy,
But I will endeavour to return it again.

And then they both stripped, like lambkins they skipped
And then they went act it like soldier in field.
Till the ninety eight meeting it was a completing
And the jolly young sailor this robber near killed.

Said the jolly young sailor to the saucy bold robber:
"I hope you won't put any blame onto me,
But if I'd have been the robber of ten hundred guineas
I never would have stopped a poor sailor like me.

"The Saucy Bold Robber" - A lovely tale about the swaggering robber getting his come-uppance from the stout-hearted Jack Tar. Obviously street fighting was conducted in a far more chivalrous way than would be the case today!

I. W.

Music Midi CD - Time & Tide