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White Copper Alley

Words: traditional
Music: traditional

As I was a-walking down White Copper Alley,
As I was a-walking I heard people say.
There's a lass sweet and pretty of fair London City
Her cheeks were like roses, her colour was gay.

So I stepped right up to her thinking for to view her
I said: "Where you're going to, my pretty maid?".
Many kisses I vended and love I pretended
But all was in vain for she was a maid.

"Oh, I cannot, I will not, I shall not, I dare not.
Submit to your passion for I am afraid.
If my friends then discover I have a new lover
Oh, then they would call me a wanton young jade".

But I said: "No, my dear, there is no need to fear,
We shall go to some inn where we shall not be known".
'twas then she relented to love she consented,
"But first gentle sir, some money pay down".

These words now they made me more anxious than ever
To think I could purchase such a fair pretty maid.
Five pounds she demanded, the money I granted.
Supper being over, put madam to bed.

But I being tired and weary of travel,
I being tired and weary of play.
I fell a-nodding and she fell a-robbing
And quitted my bedroom before it was day.

And I turned round to kiss her, suddenly I missed her.
I looked for my ticker right under my head,
But she robbed and she plundered I roared out like thunder,
But all was in vain for madam had fled.

Now it's not my gold watch nor my money I value.
It's not my gold watch nor my money I crave.
I'm afraid some young doctor will be my conductor.
I wish I had never met that fair young maid.

"White Copper Alley" - Jack comes ashore seeking "home comforts" after his voyage, and ends up in discomfort! Research reveals that a common treatment for "social diseases" was pills containing a compound of mercury - if so the "cure" was likely to be as fatal as the disease!

I. W.

Music Midi CD - Time & Tide