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Cztery Refy... and Danish Folk Music

This record consists of top twenty folk music records, published in Denmark in 1998. The repertoire was consulted with The Danish Folk Council. I am very glad to notice that in the booklet on the page #22 was listed "Shanghaied Crew" and as example: track #17 - "The Campanero" (by Helge Arildsø with Cztery Refy) with following comments:

CD - *FOLK MUSIC FROM DENMARK - strona 22* Helge Arildsø, Cztery Refy - vocals.

Helge Arildsø has taken the songs of the tall ships to his heart and has contributed to strenghten the singing of sea shanties in Denmark considerably. With the group Forebitters Helge Arildsø has performed at venues and festivals in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Holland, Germany and England. On this track he is joined by Polish Cztery Refy. Helge Arildsø performs with Forebitters or solo singing sea shanties with a few traditional English and American folk songs thrown in.

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Jerzy Rogacki

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