O U R  F A V O U R I T E  W E B   S I T E S  

AKADEMICKI KLUB ZEGLARSKI Academic Sailing Club in Lodz.
"SZANTY.ART.PL" The main source of information about Polish festivals, concerts, performers and their songs. It contains also a great songbook (more than 1000 songs!)
"SZANTYMANIAK.PL" A web service for Polish shanty fans. Current info about concerts, festivals, etc.
"FOLKOWA" Folk music in Poland. Contains a lot of intersting information about various kind of folk music.
THE BITTER END The most credible source of information about the international shanty and sea song festivals, performers, recordings, links etc.
"PORT 21" 21st century internet magazine for sailors and lovers of aquatics.
"ZAGLE" The oldest Polish sailing magazine.
"SHANTIES" festival This very well known Polish "Shanties" festival in Krakow is more than 20 years old!
SZANTY WE WROCLAWIU Very well organized Sailor Song and Folk Music Festival with 14 years of history and experience.
"GNIAZDO PIRATOW" "THE PIRATES' NEST" - The biggest tavern with the "smell of the sea" in Poland. Live sailors' songs every night (7 days a week!). Don't miss that boat when you in Warsaw.
Folk tavern "ZAPIECEK" Our favourite folk tavern. When you are in Lodz you should visit this place.
Ula Kapala Ula is an excellent performer of Celtic music. This is an official website of Ula Kapala and her band. Professionalism in every pixel.
Ula Kapala (personal site) Ula is also a talented painter. This site contains her art gallery (painting, graphics and drawings),... and many others.
MINSTREL (Ula & Jan Kapala) Music & arts agency.
COMHLAN (Celtic dances) A huge amount of information about Celtic dances collected by Polish group "Comhlan".
SHANTYMEN Shanties, sea songs, etc. - another point of view.
HART BACKBORD Our Shanty-Friends from Bremen.
The most experienced German group which started to sing sea songs and shanties more than 20 years ago.
Z'EMBRUNS D'COMPTOIRS Our New Friends from France.