Ian Woods - short biography

Ian Woods. Photo: Marek Górski

          Born in 1942, Ian spent the first twenty years of his life in Suffolk where traditional song and music was part of everyday life. Moving to Cheshire in 1963 he was introduced to "folk clubs" and in 1967 started a club which is still running very healthily. Indeed he believes that the club is probably the only folk club in the world to be featured on the official postcard of the town - Frodsham - and have an MP as a member!
          Together with Charley Yarwood he made a record: "Hooks and Nets" in 1982. This was very well received both by the public and the critics. Over the years he has sung the UK and much of Europe, appearing at festivals such as Sidmouth, Ameland, Lubeck, Liverpool, Krakow, and Lodz - singing both traditional songs and his own compositions, and remains a much-liked and respected artist.
          His heart remains though in the pubs and folk-clubs where he is, who many of his sources were, content to sit with a pint, a smoke, a pretty girl and sing the night away - but not necessarily in that order.

This one is for all my friends, but especially for Ania - who believes.

Kocham Ciebie, Kochanie