A few words about us and the CD

Cztery Refy

          Our friendship with Ian has last since 1987 - unforgettable concert in Nowa Huta, Poland, when Ian extremely eloquently sang a bunch of well - and less known sea songs. Especially the unknown ones interested us very much. A couple of days later in Krakow we were singing together some "shanty standards" and ..."Jan Rebec" (already in Polish version).
          It happened a few months later that we were performing together in Liverpool and then in Bristol where Ian shocked everybody by an occasional version of "Rolling Down the River" which led to a very specific Polish version. After many years of break we got together with Ian in Krakow in 2001. and since then our contactshave intensified. Apart from a lot of concerts in Poland we have performed with Ian - an "honarary member of the band Cztery Refy" in Liverpool, Lubeck, Edinborough,
          During our festival "KUBRYK '2002" we came up with an idea of recording a couple of less known pieces from his repertoire and making a joint CD. Because of many reasons it could not be put into practice immediately, but after some next years we came to a conclusion that it was unlikely to wait any longer.

The CD you have now will bring you into a little bit forgotten world permeated with the sea which alike Ian (and Cztery Refy) has only slightly changed over years.

Jurek R.