Iza Sign of the Zodiac: CANCER
Birthday: 20th July
Namesday: 3rd September
Membership of the group: Since 1994 and still surviving!
Sailing experience: A moderate fan of sailing and other water sports, especially accompanying events.

The best fiddler in the Refy's current line - up. Despite frequently travelling abroad with the band she has turned out to be greater patriot than her predecessors.
Iza still has to decide whether the radical changes which have occurred in her life within the last few years are good or bad! One thing is certain - most of them have occurred thanks to the band!
She is the first member of the band to have proved that it is possible to take part in performances and even rehearsals while heavily pregnant. No other member of the group has managed to do this.
The happy side effect of her close cooperation with the band's guitarist was the birth of Zuzanna, on St. Patrick's Day. Since July 2003 she is also a happy mother of little Piotr.