(Jurek R.)

Jurek R. Sign of the Zodiac: AQUARIUS
Birthday: 30th January
Namesday: 23th April
Membership of the group: Founder of the "Refpatent" (1973 - 1980), and - after a few year's break - also of "Cztery Refy".
Sailing experience: PZZ (Polish Sailing Association) marine helmsman since 1977 and there are no signs of any further progress. Despite having acquired many times over the sea miles and hours needed for promotion to the next rank, he has no ambition to be a master but he serves willingly as an officer on small boats as well as on bigger sailing vessels on voyages across the Baltic and other seas.
For Jurek the most important reason for going to sea is a crew of good companions.

One of few remaining active (sometimes even too active!) pioneers of the so called "shanty movement" in Poland. The author of the majority of lyrics, translations and studies. The originator and creator of most of the successes and even the failures of the group. He also bears the biggest responsibility for the choice of the band's repertoire, its sound and the arrangement (or lack of... ) its music. The producer and publisher of numerous past, present and future "Cztery Refy" recordings.
In everyday life he is rather difficult, but he is an acquired taste and is easier to get along with after a closer acquaintance which may sometimes take a couple of years or more. The band has its own epithets for him among which the most flattering are: "mother and father", and... "accountant". For many years his favourite instrument has been the anglo - concertina.