(Jurek O.)

Jurek O. Sign of the Zodiac: CAPRICORNUS
Birthday: 24th December
Namesday: 23th April
Membership of the group: Since 1985 main shantyman of "CZTERY REFY". After a couple years break he does it again. Honourable duties of the "frontman" he shares now with Maciek.
Sailing experience: Experienced marine helmsman with the long sea practice. He eagerly tells or even writes about his numerous adventures on the sea. While aboard a tall ship he likes staying on the highest yards. While on the inland waters he is satisfied even old rambler-boat, especially on Mamry or Swiecajty lakes.

Born and "roughly formed" in Krakow. On his search for happiness he stopped (and a bit settled) in Lodz, but now he has anchored in Wegorzewo (about 10 km from our North-East border)... and rather does not intend to move further North.
He has been interested in sea songs since 70-ties of the last century. Jurek O. is one of the only three (together with Jurek R. and Zbyszek) still active on the stage participants of 1st Academic Sea Songs Festival (Gdansk 1977)!
His characteristic (as he claims - "goat-like") voice seriously influenced the sound of the band. On the stage his favourite instrument is a tin mug, used alternatively with bodhrán or hair dryer.