Maciek Sign of the Zodiac: CANCER
Birthday: 2th July
Namesday: 30th January
Membership of the group: It was not such long time ago, when everybody called him "the young one". Some people even asked whether he was Rogacki's son (also a "Maciek").
Sailing experience: PZZ (Polish Sailing Association) yachtsman. Inland and deepwater experience. He has been tested in different conditions from the deepest bilges to the highest yards.

Currently we can unequivocally state that he is one of the band's seniors and its vocal foundation (together with Jurek O.). Fifteen years of continuous membership of the band have strengthened his position of main guitarist and lead vocalist. He able to sing over 80% of the band's repertoire. At first it used to be only quiet ballads which he liked best, but now he copes well with all kinds of sea songs, even some shanties.
Among all the jobs which he has ever done, the one he prefers best is playing in the band. It is incredible, but true. He does not like talking about his private life because his gossip loving "shanty - friends" know even more about him than he does himself.