Wiktor Sign of the Zodiac: VIRGO
Birthday: 2th September
Namesday: 17th October
Membership of the group: Time runs faster and faster these days. It is difficult to believe that it has been ten years since he joined us.
Sailing experience: PZZ (Polish Sailing Association) yachtsman. For more than ten years he has practiced inland sailing, mainly on rivers and canals. He also claimed that one day he would test himself on salt water. Recently he fulfilled this ambition.

In his free time, when not playing in the band, he has managed to finish his secondary education, start college and establish his position there. He is still the youngest member of the group, however he is the best at blowing into different kind of "tubes". Although he has lost quite a few of them, he brings a fresh collection of flutes, flageolets, tin whistles etc. to each concert.
His fascination with Irish folk music makes it possible for him to play this music for many long hours. But in most cases the band's programme limits him to the necessary minimum. He can also play other instruments (guitar, mandolin, bodhrán). His favourite type of beer is stout.
Since September 2003 Wiktor gain knowledge in Cambridge, UK, but he was in touch with the band.
Since 21-th of January 2005 - M. Sc. of Electronics. Still mainly lives in England.

E-mail: wubart@poczta.onet.pl