Zbyszek Sign of the Zodiac: PISCES
Birthday: 19th March
Namesday: 17th March
Membership of the group: From the start of the band existence (1985) and even earlier. He was a member of "Refpatent" (1973 - 80).
Sailing experience: Has held the PZZ (Polish Sailing Association) yachtmaster qualification for many, many, years. The Baltic and the North Seas do not hold any secrets for him. Zbyszek has also sailed across the Atlantic. Certainly he would have polished off the remaining Seas if he did not have a strong instinct to go to work and... if he did not play with "Cztery Refy". This prevents him from taking more days off.

Zbyszek's long service with the band is undoubtedly thanks his character, always cheerful and averse to revolutionary change, also that he very rarely attends events with all of three aspects of his personality: his mind, his body, and his bass voice. He is a zealous enthusiast and connoisseur of folk music.
Zbyszek has tried many times to release his natural talents for making music, devastating different instruments (in alphabetical order): the accordion, Appalachian dulcimer, banjo, domra, various guitars, the Jew's harp, mandolin, melodica, mouth harmonica, zither etc. The most hardy have proved to be the accordion (fortunately not played on stage) as well as his newest guitar, which he uses occasionally to accompany a wide range of off - stage songs.