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Flash Frigate

Words traditional
Music traditional: "Flash Frigate"

'twas on a flash frigate, flash frigate of fame,
We sailed to the Indies, "La Pique" was her name.
We suffered bad usage of every degree,
And we worked just like slaves as we ploughed the salt sea.

    Derry down, down, down derry down.
At four in the morning our work does begin
In our 'tween decks, I'll tell you, a bucket might swim.
Our main and top foreman so loudly do bowl,
For sand and for holystone both great and small.
    Derry down, down, down derry down.
Now our bosun comes up, boys, we know him so well,
He struts on the deck and he makes a great swell.
It's up on the yards, boys, or God damn your eyes!
I've pump handle here for to trim down your size.
    Derry down, down, down derry down.
Your quids of tobacco, brave boys you must mind.
If you spit on the deck it's your death warrant signed.
If you spit over bow, over gangway or stern,
You're sure of three dozen to help you to learn.
    Derry down, down, down derry down.
Come all brother seamen whereveryou be.
From the frigate "La Pique" I would have you keep free.
For you'll work and you'll sweat, but you ain't worth a damn!
And you get send half dead back to merry England.
    Derry down, down, down derry down.

"Flash Frigate" - Time on the sea has been measured by regular changes of watches according to certain systems, different for each fleet. The signal typically used was a characteristic strike on the bell. This tradition started in the days when time was measured by halfhour sand-glasses. So every half an hour a sailor who stood watch had to turn the sand-glass and strike the bell. It proved to proper doing the duties on the watch. Later a shout or sing-out “lamps are burning bright” was added. In a four-hour system eight bells signalled the long awaited end of the watch on deck and time to go below. 10. The Flash Frigate - The tune of this ballad about a shining frigate was used with many popular forecastle songs. It was also known as “La Pique”, sung in the Royal Navy. Half a century later and this tune was sung to celebrate the successes of packet “The Dreadnaught”. According to the experts, collective singing of choruses and adding the second line marked the beginning of transforming the ballad into a work song. It was later sung as a capstan shanty in a version called “Liverpool Packet”.

"Lsniaca fregata" is a Polish version of this song.

music midi CD - Bound Away