History of the band

D I S C O G R A P H Y   O F  T H E   B A N D

( m i l e s t o n e s )

Our first cassette, "Pozegnanie Liverpoolu" (AKZ - 01), contained a selection from the band's extensive (for those days) repertoire.
A changed line up for the band and another 60 minute cassette, "Niech zabrzmi piesn" (AKZ - 02), was recorded.
A special recording session gave birth to the cassette, "Piesni wielorybnicze" (AKZ - 03), The cassette was specially released to coincide with the "Shanties '90" festival whose theme was whaling.
Another collection, "Cumy rzuc! Zagle staw!" (AKZ - 04) was released. New cover graphics were introduced for our new recordings. Our existing cassettes and song books were also re-released in the new format.
Joint performances with Ken Stephens (GB) inspired a new cassette, "Almost Live" (AKZ - 05). The same year we released a new collection, "Plyn z nami w rejs" (AKZ - 06).
"Sea Songs & Shanties" (JMC-09), was the first CD ever released in Poland containing recordings of this kind of music. The production run was quickly sold out.
Collaboration with Simon Spalding (USA) lead to recordings which were released the following year on the cassette, "Round the Capstan" (AKZ - 07).
Several recording sessions of new numbers which have yet to see the light of day.
In anticipation of the next festival in Cracow, we followed up our first CD with another collection of material from our early cassettes, released on the CD,"Folk Tunes, Sea Songs & Shanties" (JRC - 01) and on the cassette, (JRK-01).
We released "Kiedy z morza wraca Jack" (on CD, JRC-02, and on cassette JRK-02) as well as "Bitwy morskie" (JRK - 03). The new recordings had new more professional covers. Production ceased of our earlier recordings released on the AKZ label. Our archive recordings are successively remastered.
We released a new collection,"Sea Songs, Shanties & Folk Tunes" (on CD, JRC-04 and on cassette JRK-04) as well as more material recorded with Simon Spalding on the cassette, "On Deck" (JRK - 05).
We recorded a new CD and cassette, "Czas w morze ruszac nam" (JRC - 07 and JRK - 07). In Denmark a compendium CD, "Shanghaied Crew", contained four REFY numbers recorded the previous year in Korsor.
"Bitwy morskie" was also released on CD, (JRC-03). More archive material was prepared for release on CD. One of our numbers, "Campanero", from the CD, "Shanghaied Crew" was re-released on the compendium, "Folk Music from Denmark '99", to publicise Danish Music Export & Promotion.
"Refy" recordings appeared on two compendium CDs: "W tawernie buja bezpiecznie", as well as, "Festival Musik Maritim '2000 - Lieder von der Küsten der Welt", published in Germany.
Work continues on preparing further archive recordings for publication. Other band recordings appeared on the next compendium CDs in Poland: "Szanty - kolekcja" and "XX-lecie Shanties - najwieksze przeboje".
A recording session in January gave birth to the new album "Wszyscy na deck!" (JRC-11 and on the tape JRK-11). Two tracks from this album are included on a CD "Zanim wyplyniesz w rejs..." - an insert to the newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza" (15.000 copies!)
The end of works on archive recordings. They will release as double CD album "Tak bylo (1987-1992)".
The "new - old" 2xCD album "Tak bylo (1987-1992)" finally released at Jubilee XX-th "Kubryk" festival. A part of one instrumental tune is included on the CD "Szanty z sercem".
Return to the session with Ian Woods. The work will be continued and CD ("Time & Tide") will be released in 2006. Almost entire 3 part concert at Zaduszki Szantowe in Kielce was recorded on DVD.
At XXII KUBRYK we performed again together with Ian Woods and a new CD ("Time & Tide" - Ian Woods with Cztery Refy) was there available. This year our recordings was included into some samplers with "various artists": "XXV-lecie Shanties - najwieksze przeboje" and "Zobaczyc morze".
A next "new-old" 2xCD album ("Tak bylo - v. II"), containing two old CD's "Folk Tunes, Sea Songs & Shanties" and "Sea Songs, Shanties & Folk Tunes" from the same period 1987-1992) was released.
Work on preparing material containing sea songs and shanties in English. To be continued in 2009.
Return to the session containing sea songs and shanties in English as well as some tunes. The album should be released in 2010.
The album will contain two CDs ...and will be released in 2011. Two of band live recordings appeared on the compendium CD: "Sail Szczecin".
Last but not least, a new, 'English' 2 CD album "Bound Away" was released.
Two of Refy's concert recordings appeared on the compendium CD:"30 lat SHANTIES" - Przeboje trzydziestego festiwalu.
Entire concert at Radio Lodz and first live recordings ever, released on 2CD album "Live".
History of the band